Stronger with the new name!

IFBB Nordic Fitness Cup is formely known as Ben Weider Legacy Cup (2016-2017). With the new name we will make Nordic Fitness Expo family together with IFBB Nordic Elite Pro and IFBB Nordic Cup. Welcome to the IFBB World Elite Ranking qualifier and IFBB Elite Pro qualifier!

Registration for athletes

2018 IFBB Nordic Cup is open for IFBB-affiliated all the National Federations in the World. The number of competitors participating in these competition is unlimited. We will organize one of the greatest IFBB International Championships with a great pride and honour!

Fun, fitness, muscles!

We have been doing large fitness trade shows over 20 years. You can feel a real good feeling competing in a huge stage in front of our huge audience! Last two years we've over 20.000 visitors. We keep in the schedule, running everything perfectly and make you happy!

IFBB Nordic Elite Pro

The 2nd edition of IFBB Nordic Elite Pro will be held at the Nordic Fitness Expo right after IFBB Nordic Cup. The best athletes from body fitness, men's physique and bikini fitness will be seen on stage at the same day as they turn to pro's! Tickets are available at TicketMaster starting on June 1!

Bodybuilding to bikini fitness

2018 IFBB Nordic Cup will provide bodybuilding, bikini fitness, body fitness, men’s physique and classic bodybuilding competitions with masters categories (35 years) in body fitness and bikini fitness. The overall top three in each division will be given the IFBB Elite Pro Card!

Vierumäki Resort

IFBB Nordic Fitness Cup athletes accommodation will be held in Vierumäki Resort which is the Finnish Sports Institute and Olympic Training Center, located just a 20-minute drive from competition venue Nordic Fitness Expo. There will be a bus transportation to contest venue and back on both competition days.